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  • HEART OF CHANT will be offered in San Diego, early August… stay tuned!

  • Voices Across the Sea- a new online experience using the magic of technology to connect around the world! Email DevaVani for dates and details of our Zoom MeetUp groups.Voices Across the Sea is a divine opportunity to sing together and continue our practices in sacred voice no matter where we may be in the world. So exciting!


  • The Devotional Voice - a class with Devavani (date and location TBA)

    • Experience personal transformation through sound • Embody chanting & music as a sacred art• Create rituals for group transformation • Access higher states of creativity and liberation through sound• Free yourself from any vocal constraint empowering your confidence and readiness to sing.• Build a repertoire of chants and sounds that clear, tune, and stimulate the brain and the energy centers of your body.• Learn how to include musical instruments in your practice • Realize which musical culture awakens your ancestral musical lineage • Learn to facilitate groups in chanting and sound    • Embody divinity through sound, fostering a sense of well-being, openness, and love.  Belong to a loving and supportive community of devotional singers





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The Devotional Voice


A 5-week class with Devavani.

Have you ever wondered why some songs and certain singers seem to have the ability to move the deepest places of your heart? Specific tones and syllables combined with a mastery of divine rendering have the ability to cut through the mind’s chatter to awaken your soul with unmistakable truth.

This is the magic of music and the mystery of the human voice. This is the realm that your devotional voice knows and occupies.

Class minimum: 4 participants/ maximum: 8 participants. Five evenings, 7:00- 9:30pm, private Clairemont location, $225

To register, Call 619-884-4645 or email

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The Heart of Chant -Second Friday in Banker's Hill at Spruce and Third,

7:00 - 8:15pm, $20

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