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 Greetings! If you are on this page, you are probably singing with me in our song circle meetings. I will keep recordings of songs we are working on here for you to hear and sing with. Getting a “song in your ear” is key to EMBODIMENT. The music literally enters you and lives with you. This is why I choose carefully all the songs we sing together! Making sure they are enlivening, inspiring and enlightening!

Songs below are taken from Lisa Littlebird’s webpage. You can find her at: She generously shares her music in the spirit of inclusion …and I am so grateful!Lisa is a member of the Ubuntu Choir Network.

OLEO is a call-and-response women’s working song from Ghana that has traveled through singing and drumming circles worldwide. An easy teach and a joy to sing. Click on recording shown below.


Hey o-le-o, hey o-la-la

I Don’t Feel in No Ways Tiredis a simple gospel song with vocal harmonies that are hard to beat! Click on recording shown below. Enjoy!


I don’t feel in no ways tired

I’ve come so far from where I started from
And nobody told me that the road would be easy
But I don’t believe you* brought me this far to leave me


I don’t believe you brought me this far (x3)

I don’t believe you brought me this far to leave me


*Originally “He”

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